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The introduction of calcium carbide industry clean production standards


The "Cleaner Production Standard - Calcium Carbide Industry (HJ/T430-2008)", which provides guidance for cleaner production in the calcium carbide industry, was first released recently and will be implemented on August 1 this year.

The standard divides the clean production indicators into six categories, namely, production process and equipment requirements, resource and energy utilization indicators, product indicators, pollutant generation indicators (before end-of-pipe processing), waste recycling indicators, and environmental management requirements. Each of these categories is divided into three levels. The first level represents the advanced level of international clean production, the second level represents the domestic advanced level of clean production, and the third level represents the basic level of domestic clean production. This standard stipulates that for each ton of calcium carbide produced, the consumption of standard coal shall be at least 1.2 tons, the electric power consumption of the electric furnace shall be at least 3,400 kwh/ton, the unit consumption of coke shall be at least 0.63 tons, and the lime unit consumption shall be at least lower than For 1.05 tons, the unit consumption of water is at least 2 tons; the average amount of gas generated per kilogram of calcium carbide is at least 280 litres; and the waste utilization rate is required to reach 100%.

The standard is formulated by the Department of Science and Technology Standards of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and is composed of the China Calcium Carbide Industry Association, the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Zhejiang Juhua Calcium carbide Co., Ltd., Fujian Sangang (Group) Co., Ltd. and the Qinghai Dongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Sichuan Yibin Changhong Chemical Co., Ltd. co-drafted, applicable to the clean production audit of calcium carbide production companies, the judgment of clean production potential and opportunities, the assessment of cleaner production performance, and the clean production performance announcement system. It also applies to environmental impact assessments and permits, etc. Environmental management system.
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